Minnehaha Creek Warbler

by | Mar 2023

Minnehaha Creek Warbler

Photo: Joe Syfko

Romance in the wild sings its own sweet song.

Whenever we’re given the chance to observe the natural goings on of wildlife in our midst, it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. “He sang his courtship song from the same branch for hours, unaffected by the human traffic in the area,” Minnetonka’s Joe Syfko says. “What I like about the shot is the vibrant color he displays and the buds on the trees—a true sign of spring and warmer weather to follow.”

Photographer: Joe Syfko
Title: Minnehaha Creek Warbler
Equipment: Canon 60D with a (70-200mm f1:2.8) lens
Location: On the lookout at Gray’s Bay dam, better known as the Minnehaha Creek headwaters
Second Place: Wildlife & Nature


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