Need to Walk More? Get a Dog

by | Jul 2019

Natalie Webster's dogs Odin and Koa

Natalie Webster’s dogs Odin and Koa. Photo: Natalie Webster

Pets can change our lives in big ways.

For my job, I spend too much time sitting at my computer cranking out social media content for local businesses or columns. Like a lot of desk-sitters, I know I need to take more breaks to stand and walk. I tried using an app that reminded me to walk around every hour. After a few days I muted and ignored it.

Then, I had an idea: to get a small dog, one that would force me to get up and go for a walk. Our current dog—Odin the giant schnauzer—isn’t much of a snuggler. I wanted a dog who could sit on my lap while I worked or watched movies.

Shortly after I made this decision, I found my dog. He is a Yorkiepoo I named Koa, which means “brave” and “bold” in Hawaiian. Koa won’t be more than 12 pounds—and he’s already living up to his name. Despite an 82-pound difference, Koa and Odin have become not just friends but family. Little Koa is growing up thinking he is a giant schnauzer with Odin’s influence.

And my plan is working. Koa is definitely challenging me to get up, much more than once an hour. He is only a few months old and is the biggest, most beautiful distraction in my life at the moment. He is also becoming exactly what the doctor ordered, not just for me, but for Odin and the rest of the family.

Local media maven Natalie Webster specializes in experiences that often push her outside of her comfort zone, and helps others stretch themselves, too.


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