Sculpture Garden at Big Stone Mini-Golf

Big Stone Mini-Golf offers visitors a natural experience.
Unique sculptures by local artists dot the 13 holes of Big Stone Mini Golf.

The traditional miniature golf course tends to have bright, fake green grass, felt sand, a few rocks here and there, and a fountain for good measure. But Big Stone Mini Golf is a course with a look all its own.

Located on 17 acres of land, the 13 holes boast rock sculptures and even animals—like chickens, goats, a turkey and an Asian potbellied pig. “The creativity of the holes is kind of an escape from your routine life,” says owner Bruce Stillman.

The sculptures, arranged around the holes and in a garden, are made by Stillman and seven other artists. The work is always changing, and visitors see something new every time they play. “I like seeing all the people enjoy the work,” he says. “I set my studio up here and it’s fun to see them enjoy the sculptures.”


Big Stone Mini-Golf

7110 County Rd. 110., Minnetrista