Taste of Wayzata Founders Share Their Favorite Local Food & Drinks

by | Mar 2019

Taste of Wayzata founders Bethe Hattara and Lisa Wagner eat at Bellecour.

Taste of Wayzata founders Bethe Hattara and Lisa Wagner eat at Bellecour. Photo: Emily J. Davis

This article originally appeared as part of the story Foodie Tour in the March 2019 issue. For tips on taking your first food tour, click here.

By now, Taste of Wayzata founders Bethe Hattara and Lisa Wagner have eaten their fair share of meals at Wayzata’s eateries—evidenced by the fact that they know exactly how many there are (28 as of this writing) and just about everything each has to offer. It sparks a healthy debate between them, but if they could orchestrate their perfect meal across menus and locations, here are just a few of their many favorites.

“I’m into old fashioneds right now,” says Hattara. “And my favorite changes every week, but I’d have to go with Bellecour. They use this different kind of bitters.”

“Yep, we’re experts,” says Wagner, agreeing. “Bellecour is a lovely place to sit, too!”

They’d also get a frozen pineapple daiquiri from Benedict’s. “Even in the winter, their frozens are awesome,” says Hattara. And a Wayzata Brew Works Moore Moore Moore Lager—with the gigantic pub pretzel—would be a nice, mellow palate-cleanser to round out the flight.

The french fries at Bellecour, they say, are hands-down among the best things in town, and they’re on the tasting menu every time they bring a tour. Fried leeks are thrown in with the pommes frites, with béarnaise and aioli for dipping. Yum.

They’d also get an order of the wild rice pine nut fritters from ninetwentyfive, where chef Lenny Russo keeps things local and seasonal—so options are always changing. “They come with a beautiful aioli—it’s artfully done,” says Hattara.

Another go-to favorite for their guests? A platter of the nachos magnifico from “The Muni,” Wayzata Bar & Grill. “They’re individually topped, neat and easy to eat. And amazing,” says Hattara.

For the main attraction, Wagner says one of her personal favorites is 6Smith’s Branzino. It’s marinated in citrus and fresh herbs and served with Green Goddess dressing and grilled asparagus. “It’s a whole fish. Totally delicious. To die for,” she says.

Hattara has been loving the Agnolotti from the recently opened Dough Room. “Alex Dayton is a master,” she says. “They’re these spinach-stuffed, pillowy things that melt in your mouth. And I’m Italian … I know.”

Truffles from L’More Chocolat are a perennial favorite on the food tours—and how about a scoop of Izzy’s Mint Mediterranean gelato from D’Amico & Sons?


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