Tips from a Psychologist for a Successful Staycation

A shot of the Minneapolis skyline at sunset, with the Stone Arch Bridge in the foreground.
Take a “staycation” and enjoy home in a new way.

You don’t have to go far to experience a change of scenery and get all the benefits that come from travel. A staycation is friendlier on the wallet, while still doing the mind and body good. And how often do we act like tourists in our own hometown?

A staycation can mean staying in, watching movies, ordering food delivery and finally getting to all of your to-dos around the house. Or, it can be booking a hotel room or home rental within a few hours’ drive (without the stress of airports and budgets).

According to Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne, here are some top tips for a successful staycation:

  • Do something active. If you’re going to get the same psychological boost as a scuba-diving traveler, you’ll need to move around.
  • Engage your mind. Many of travels’ benefits relate to expanding cognitive function by learning or experiencing something new. During your staycation, read a book, do puzzles, and take time to use your noggin.
  • Change up your routine. Find a way to get out of ordinary mode of life. Stay up late or get up early. Try new foods.
  • Act like a tourist. Visit places in the Twin Cities with a new perspective. Book a food or walking tour. Visit museums and parks. 

Mollie Krengel is the founder of adventure-based business Wild Bum. Roy Krengel owns Krengel Dental. They share travel tips and insights in this column, writing with their globetrotting kids Liam (12), Ella (12) and Rafi (8).