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There are spaces in our home that hold treasured notes and letters from my children, husband and parents. When I happen to come across them, I pause. Reread. Remember. And carry on with a renewed dose of sweet memories.

My father, in particular, was gifted when it came to offering important toasts, giving heartfelt speeches at family gatherings and penning newsy letters. While he was a man of few words, he was a talented wordsmith when the time or occasion called for him to express himself. His words held weight. I am fortunate to have some of his letters he wrote to me and one he wrote to his mother-in-law on the occasion of my maternal grandfather’s death in the 1970s. My dad poignantly expressed his admiration for his father-in-law and wrote about the process of grief and healing over time. So lovely and timeless are his words that I read that same letter during my eulogy for my father.

In a time when so much emphasis is being placed on editing down our spaces of “joyless” and less frequently used items, I am resolute when it comes to saving letters and cards that beautifully capture a moment in time. I will forever treasure the large-print “Mom” on cards from our children, their words of appreciation expressed in letters they wrote as they got older, and the moving words a daughter-in-law wrote as she expressed how she felt about our son and their impending marriage. In a world when too much is transitory and quickly changing, holding tight to remnants of one’s tangible history is so valuable.

Grace Berbig also appreciates the value of handwritten cards. Read about Letters of Love, which the Long Lake resident created as an homage to her late mother, who was prolific in penning loving notes to her family.

This Valentine’s Day, consider writing (with a pen, rather than a keyboard!) a note to a loved one or friend. Give them the gift of your words, which can last longer than a flower’s bloom or the sweet taste of chocolate.

Get writing!


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