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by | Jun 2023

Lake Minnetonka Magazine June 2023

Welcome, readers, to our June issue, which highlights family, pets and senior living. I appreciate dovetailing these topics because, while they can stand alone on their own merits, they also blend beautifully together. I hope you enjoy moving through the magazine to read articles that touch on all three topics. Pause. Read. Discover.

As I read our writers’ contributions in this issue, the word legacy kept coming to mind. Have you thought about what your legacy might be? Will it come by way of familial relationships, career accomplishments, philanthropic endeavors or special interests and hobbies?

When visitors tour Minnetonka’s Burwell House, how will they interpret the legacy of Charles Henry Burwell? Will visits to the home underscore the importance of preserving historic venues? When it came time to bring a new residential care service to Minnetonka, a CEO’s childhood home was transformed to house and support aging residents. Here, too, is an interesting way to reinvent a family home—this time to create a legacy of care for those in need of specialized attention.

Others have turned to the written word to underscore their legacies. A good autobiography or biography often leads us to examine our own life stories. Kingston Fletcher of Wayzata penned his autobiography. (“The written word is something you can hold onto. Money won’t do it,” he says.) In the book, he shares with readers a legacy of a life well-lived and a successful business career that took him around the globe—and right back home to Lake Minnetonka.

How about the legacy that is found through generations of shared recipes? I won’t spoil “the dish” by writing too much here. But be sure to read our Tastemakers. Tony Ostlund of Long Lake’s Primo Plates & Pours shares how his family has built its delizioso legacy—one plate at a time.

I hope you find, in our pages, an appreciation for the shared lives of others and inspiration to create and share your legacy.

Until next month,

-Renée Stewart-Hester


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