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Lake Minnetonka Magazine May 2024

I find it fitting—in such a lovely, organic sense—that the themes of outdoor living and art join together to create this month’s issue.

In so many ways, nature serves as one of our first art teachers—presenting the sometimes vibrant, other times subtle, revolving colors and textures of the seasons and plant life; revealing the sometimes wild, other times docile, spirits of animal life; and on it goes with the breathtaking and inspiring galleries of all types of life.

As we turn to art, explore the story of Excelsior artist Annalisa Sawtell, who is inspired by the natural beauty around her. “And as simple as it sounds, I’m drawn to the things that look ordinary, but when you get closer, you see the beauty,” she says.

Outdoor living brings us to the story of some local members of the Hennepin County Master Gardener program. Dedicated, gifted and impressive—these descriptions only briefly illustrate these talented gardeners. And when it comes to other adults, who chart their own courses, discover how some folks are finding new ways to set sail. “If you’re worried about not being strong enough or not fitting in, there is a type of boat or sailing community that fits you,” says Lucas Haarstad, a Wayzata Sailing instructor.

As the month marks Memorial Day, meet Gary Marquardt, who honors veterans and moves listeners’ hearts with his soulful and heart-filed rendition of taps, played at veterans’ funerals and during sunsets on Lake Minnetonka. I think you’ll join me in being inspired by his call to action.

Month after month, regardless of the issue’s themes, it’s always our mission and pleasure, dear readers, to highlight you and your family, friends and neighbors—all showing us the art of being human.

Until next time,

Renée Stewart-Hester


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