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Lake Minnetonka Magazine September 2023

Our September issue focuses on art and fashion, and our community has a wealth of creatives, who bring these elements to the fore via all sorts of ways—from canvases to clothing, from words in print to the spoken word and more.

In our Book Club, meet Elizabeth Weir, who wrote When Our World Was Whole, featuring 65 poems. The Wayzata resident notes that she wrote the poems based on her experiences, including her “English childhood, immigration and belonging, a glance at patriarchy and the wonder and fragility of the natural world,” she says.

What do you know about Doodles? (If you’re a newspaper reader, you might have an idea of what that is.) Deephaven’s Christopher Foote was the artist behind the comic strip, which was syndicated from 1985 to October 2021. He died in July 2021 at 63. In Artist Chris Foote: A Life Through Pictures, you’ll find an interview with his widow, Diane Foote, who is keeping the artist’s memory alive by sharing an inside look into his creativity.

When it comes to fall fashion, nature provides us with the ideal color story to follow. With some guidance from Ann Hudson of Near + North in Wayzata, we learn how to articulate autumnal outfits that take us from the Metro to around the state—all while enjoying this whisper season before winter blasts its way onto the scene.

There is also an art to conversation and relationship building, which Excelsior’s Erica Schulte King is developing a real talent for as she continues to organize events for women, who are navigating their own empty nests. To be honest, making friends after a certain point in life can be challenging, and Schulte King offers women a way to connect with others who share a need to fortify their social circles. Her social media accounts are taking hold and resonating with women.

Are you one to express yourself through art or fashion? Share your creativity by tagging us on Instagram (@lakeminnetonkamag).

Stay creative,

-Renée Stewart-Hester


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