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by | Nov 2023

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Valet company offers trusted addition to holiday parties and special events.

During this time of year, there are plenty of reasons to invite guests into your home. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or opening your house for a fundraising event, organizing gatherings can involve many moving parts.

While you’re planning what goes on inside your home, there is a Twin Cities valet company that can take care of what’s happening outside. With more than 15 years of experience, Unparalleled Parking can assist hosts with elevating their guests’ arrival and departure experiences.

Minnetonka’s Christopher Forest, founder of Unparalleled Parking, understands that the valet professional is the first and last impression a person has at a party or special event, and he’s confident the valet experiences his team provides will bring ease to party planning. “We want to be good partners to people we work with,” Forest says. “Presentation is important for valet. The team comes prepared knowing what to do, and they come out and execute well. The goal with valet is simple: You shouldn’t notice that we’re there. Its effortless, and you can focus on what’s going on at your event.” (The service also handles corporate and professional events of all scopes.)

Unparalleled Parking Valets

When booking with Unparalleled Parking, Forest says the process is simple. Clients are asked to provide event details, and a price estimate is provided at that point of contact. “People appreciate an answer of what this is going to cost right away,” he says.

Once the group is hired, a team will visit the site and map out a parking plan. “Our team comes prepared,” Forest says, adding it’ll also factor in snow constraints during the winter months.

Another consideration is the guest-to-valet ratio. For residential parties with family and friends, guests often carpool to the event, which decreases the number of cars. However, if it is a corporate party, it’s likely guests will drive separately, which makes the guest count a little more relevant.

Feeling confident in the people hired to park guests’ cars is also important. Forest says Unparalleled Parking has a significant vetting process during hiring. “They’re representing our brand,” he says. “From a private event standpoint, we send people out who are experienced because they’re going into a new setting … every single private residence is different.”

Forest says that a good valet is someone who is willing to serve, punctual and values presentation. He says, “At the end of the day, we’re in hospitality, and if you’re not willing to serve, you’re not going to be good on our team … We’re very proud of what we’ve grown.”

Security Division

In addition to Unparalleled Parking, Forest also owns Unparalleled Security.

About two years ago, Forest saw a need for security services and had a few partners come to him, requesting security options. Because his company already had a well-oiled machine and good reputation, Forest says Unparalleled Security continues to grow, serving hotels, wedding venues, residential properties and retail.

Unparalleled Parking
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