Fido’s Pantry Explores Healthier Pet Food Options

by | Jun 2024

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Healthier pet food options require some considerations.

There was a time when the pinnacle of dog food featured a mini horse-drawn chuck wagon screaming across the TV screen in an advertisement for “soft meat-like chunks or brown crunchy bits” or burger-shaped pet food that were all the rage. That was then; this is now.

An increasing number of dog owners are turning away from conventional pet food and toward fresh or homemade meals to fill their pets’ food dishes and tummies.

We asked Sarah Habas, co-owner of Fido’s Pantry, featuring a gamut of pet products, about what owners should be aware of when purchasing or making pet food. After all, only the best will do!

Do you have more customers leaning into fresh pet food?

Sarah Habas (SH): Yes! Pet parents continue to care more and more about what we are feeding our pets, and it really shows. Our fastest growing category of food in our store is raw food, and number two is fresh/gently cooked food.

Why do you think this is the case?

SH: I think people are starting to see the health benefits of feeding their pets healthier options. Pets have better energy and are having to see their vet less due to a healthier diet.

What are the benefits of going that route?

SH: There are so many benefits to going to or adding a raw, fresh, freeze-dried or gently cooked diet. We always say some raw or fresh food is better than none. The first things you’ll see when switching to a diet like this is an extremely healthy skin and coat, a big reduction in dander, whiter teeth and just overall a happier pet. A huge bonus is there will be less mess in the backyard for you to pick up.

“I absolutely love helping animals, and that’s the best way we can do that through our store.” —Sarah Habas, co-owner of Fido’s Pantry, who successfully addressed her dog’s autoimmune disease through better nutrition.

The fresh food appears to be more soft in texture. Don’t dogs need a little “crunch” in their regular diet to help with tartar control?

SH: That is a common misconception. Pets’ teeth are actually healthier on a raw or fresh diet. Raw and fresh food have natural and good bacteria in it to help prevent tartar and promote a healthy gut.

What should an owner look for when choosing fresh food?

SH: When looking at fresh food, we always recommend frozen versus refrigerated. Refrigerated commercial dog food, generally, has larger amounts of preservatives in them, which go against feeding fresh food. Another thing to keep an eye out for is making sure the food is formulated to be fully balanced, meaning it has all the vitamins, minerals, etc. in the food to make sure your pet is getting everything they need.

What about making homemade dog food?

SH: While the thought of knowing exactly what your dog is eating is wonderful, we always caution people when making their own pet food. Pet food is extremely hard to formulate. Too little of something, as simple as zinc, can be harmful to our pets. We always advise people to add fresh foods to an already balanced diet, such as blueberries, pumpkin, etc.

What else should our readers know about these topics?

SH: Not all raw, freeze-dried, fresh or gently cooked food is created equally. Do your research, and talk to someone who is knowledge or qualified about pet nutrition.

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