Mallory Habstritt Pens Children’s Book About Vitiligo

by | Jun 2024

Angel’s Big Splash Cover

The cover of Mallory Habstritt’s children’s book, “Angel’s Big Splash.”

If National All-American Miss Pre-Teen Mallory Habstritt didn’t already have enough going on, she also has a children’s book coming out this year.

Angel’s Big Splash tells the story of Angel, a dog that is joining a new school. Angel has vitiligo, and she is feeling all the emotions heading into the first day of school. Thankfully, Angel meets Dolly and Chleo, and the trio become fast friends.

Angel finds out she has to wear a swimsuit for the swimming section of gym class and gets nervous about revealing her differences. Dolly and Chleo are encouraging and remind her of how beautiful she is, giving Angel all the confidence she needs.

Angel’s journey is based on similar feelings that Mallory says she experienced following her diagnosis. While she didn’t have a swimming unit like Angel, she felt uncertainties with vitiligo and how it would be received by others. “It was fun to write … I’m so excited to share it,” she says of her book.

Angel’s Big Splash comes out this year and will be available on and at local bookstores.


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