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by | Aug 2023

Photo: Miss America

Angelina Amerigo prepares to take to the national stage for the Miss America competition.

In our June 2021 issue, we introduced you to Miss Heart of the Lakes Angelina Amerigo. This June, Amerigo was crowned Miss Minnesota. We sat down with her to hear about her exciting win and what the future holds as a contestant for the Miss America Organization.

When we last spoke, you had been crowned Miss Heart of the Lakes and were preparing for the Miss Minnesota competition. What were the expectations of holding the Miss Heart of the Lakes title? 

In 2019 in Perham, Minnesota, I earned the Miss Heart of the Lakes title. This was the very beginning of where my story with the Miss America Organization began. The beauty in my journey was rooted in the fact that I had no expectations. I went into this particular season of my life with an open heart and an open mind. I was ready to explore the many layers of the organization. I quickly recognized the opportunity and value of having a platform, advocating for my initiatives and using my media platforms as a force for good.

Your Community Service Initiative (formerly called Social Impact Initiative) as Miss Heart of the Lakes was One Bottle, One Straw, One Bag, At A Time. How did you enact your initiative?

Over my last four years in the Miss America Organization, I have worked diligently to educate people about the ocean plastic crisis which, believe it or not, connects directly to Minnesota. Many people don’t realize that our actions directly connect to this crisis through the Mississippi River. Roughly 40 percent of plastic pollution in the Gulf originates from it. 

How has your initiative evolved?

The initiative started on a local scale but has now grown to a global reach. I have established over 25 global and community partners to drive this change. I’ve been able to talk with great companies like Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive and General Mills about their actions to create sustainability roadmaps for consumers.

How did you prepare for the Miss Minnesota competition?

There’s always been a continual preparation for the Miss Minnesota and Miss America stage. Every time I’m out in the community and every time I’m at a speaking engagement, in a sense, those were all preparational moments for going on to compete at Miss America. The journey to Miss Minnesota was filled with perseverance, endurance and commitment, which involved many late nights, early mornings and hours of behind-the-scenes work to be the best version of myself. 

What are the elements that comprise a Miss Minnesota competition?

  • Private Interview: This is the only time each woman is with the judges to express her passions, plans and initiatives if chosen to be the next Miss Minnesota.
  • Talent
  • Onstage Question
  • Fitness
  • Evening Gown

What was it like to compete for Miss Minnesota?

Miss Minnesota week was a dream come true. This year, we were hosted by the incredible Treasure Island Resort and Casino venue in Welch, Minnesota. Specifically finals day, I woke up at peace, knowing I had done everything possible to prepare for these finals moments. After a four-year journey, I distinctly remember the desire to be fully present in the day, almost as if I knew I would want to remember the little moments of the day to look back on soon. Little did I know the joy and fulfillment of a dream later that evening. 

How did it feel to win the Miss Minnesota title? 

Within seconds, my God-sized dream became a reality. At the very moment I heard my name called, I was filled with gratitude, shock, excitement and unending joy. In the last few weeks, I have resonated with the quote: “You once dreamed of being where you are now.” Daily, I wake up living my dream. I’m honored and humbled to be the 87th Miss Minnesota.

What are the responsibilities of Miss Minnesota?

As a second-generation Latina woman, I have resiliency, commitment and high-energy ingrained within me. These qualities are not only what makes me who I am, but they have been the driving forces that have ignited significant change in my community. I’m a dreamer, visionary, dancer, actor, singer, environmentalist, person of action, friend, daughter and now your new Miss Minnesota 2023. 

The seed of action was planted within my work as a local titleholder but continues as I serve this great state. First and foremost, my responsibility as Miss Minnesota is to serve this state and represent Minnesota on the Miss America stage. Within my year, I will advocate for my service initiative and be an ambassador for the entirety of the Miss America Organization to share the many success tools available to young women across America. 

You’ve been awarded $24,000 in educational scholarships through the Miss America organization. What are your plans for these scholarship funds? What does the future hold for you after graduating from Minnesota State University–Moorhead (MSUM)?

I am a Presidential Honors Student, majoring in digital media management with an emphasis in public relations and advertising at Minnesota State University–Moorhead. [I have] the goal of continuing my education to earn my master’s degree in brand marketing and supply chain management. 

Pursuing my degree at MSUM has allowed me to pursue my passion for the performing arts and travel while holding the title of Miss Minnesota and preparing to compete for the Miss America Opportunity.


Miss Minnesota
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