This Photo Shows the Special Bond Between a Girl and Her Horse

by | Feb 2019

A girl and a white horse

Photo: Tracie Bea Daum

This photo took first place in the Pets category of our annual contest.

Each month, we feature one of the winning photos from our 2018 Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest. This month, we asked photographer Tracie Bea Daum to tell us about Luna and her Lady, which took first place in the Pets category.

When and where did you take the photo?
I took the image earlier this fall right at our little hobby farm off Halstead Bay. Our little farm is dubbed “The Bea Hive Farm” and we have horses, hens, geese and a lot of noisy ducks!

What kind of camera did you use?
A Canon 6D, with a 70-200L vii lens.

What’s your favorite thing about the image?
When we moved here, I found my perfect horse, Kevin, right away. But finding one for my kids to enjoy was a bigger mountain. We finally found sweet Luna, and she was looking for a new family to love her. She’s been a perfect addition to our little farm. That’s my daughter Ava, age 10, and she’s one of those kids that just has a very special bond with most animals.

What’s your photography background?
I’ve been a hobbyist forever. I started my company, Tracie Bea Photographie, over 10 years ago, and focus on [family photography] and also help small businesses with their photography needs in the Lake Minnetonka area.


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