Welcome to the December 2022 Issue

by | Dec 2022

Welcome, readers, to our December issue, which is wrapped in the themes of Giving Back and Family—ideal for this time of year.

Writer Hanna McDaniels shares a lovely Giving Back story. Ziggy’s Art Bus brings the healing and restorative values of art to children facing serious health concerns. Founder Gina Zaffarano says, “… Art is such an equalizing experience for everyone, regardless if they think they have artistic ability or not, and it is something that takes people out of their heads and into their hearts.” Learn more about the program, and consider giving of yourself and time as a volunteer.

For families (and friends!), our other feature presents ideas for gift giving and getting into the holiday spirit with family by way of books. Whether you plan to wrap up a title to offer as a holiday or hostess gift or gather your family around for a little spirit lifting holiday tome reading, writer Mollee Francisco has some terrific ideas for titles that can be procured locally and online.

What is your favorite holiday read? For me, it’s a 1970s version of Clement Clarke Moore’s (or Henry Livingston Jr., depending on which version of poetic history you take) ’Twas the Night Before Christmas. I remember being read that velvet-covered book as a child on every Christmas Eve as we sat with building anticipation for the jolly ol’ elf to arrive. (We abided by our German grandmother’s tradition of opening gifts on December 24!)

My children also were read that same book each eve. After dinner was served and the Christmas cookies finally made their appearance, we’d gather upstairs to read ’Twas the Night … “… in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.”

May this month be filled with the love of family and friends and overflow with traditions that bring you comfort and joy.

Until 2023!

–Renée Stewart-Hester

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