Season of Casseroles

Mostly-Made casseroles
Local company gives back— with food—to families in need.

In 2014, Wayzata’s Jillian McGary came up with the idea for Mostly Made, her partially-prepared-meals company. She wanted to help families, especially those who might be going through a tough time, with pre-prepped dinner ingredients.

“Not having to worry about planning dinner after a long day is a huge relief,” McGary says. Now, she’s extending her mission even further. McGary shares prepped ingredients (like lasagna filling) as a part of her Random Acts of Casseroles initiative, donating the meals to places like the Ronald McDonald House, where many families stay while their children are undergoing hospital treatments. In February, Mostly Made donated 165 boxes of dinner fillings to the Ronald McDonald House.

You can buy Mostly Made products in over 30 grocery stores and online. For every five products sold by Mostly Made, the company donates one meal portion to the Ronald McDonald House. —AG