The Simple Solitude of “Lady Brenda’s Yellow Cup”

by | Feb 2024

Lady Brenda’s Yellow Cup

Artist: Andrew Hammond

The joy I felt was immediate when I saw this portrait of a woman, who embodied strength while basking in simple solitude. Beverly Hammond says, “My husband, Drew, captured my mother’s heart, her grace and her beauty alongside her favorite beverage. My mother raised me by myself from the age of 2. She worked hard as a nurse anesthetist and gave me the world by sending me to Paris at 16. She wanted the very best for me, and I loved to sneak a teaspoon of her coffee. I still have several of her stoneware yellow cups that keep her spirit alive, knowing my superhero is with me.”

Title: Lady Brenda’s Yellow Cup
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Scale: 20×20
Artist: Andrew Hammond

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