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March 2023 Lake Minnetonka Magazine

The menu was set for this, our food issue, long before we began inching (racing!) our way toward spring.

Alas, here we are, and I’m pleased with how ideas turned into writing assignments, which transformed into articles that made their ways into our March issue. The food-inspired content speaks to health-related suggestions and education, a recipe that gives a wink to St. Patrick’s Day and nods to a couple of business owners’ spicy concoctions and culled box sets. One of our Editorial Advisory Board members offers her take on a trend that’s been hitting social media platforms with a whole lot of buttery gusto, and her recipes give the trend new inspiration in our Tastemakers section.

Speaking of recipes, I was recently going through some family cookbooks and came upon one that was created in 1967 as fundraiser for Theatre L’Homme Dieu in Alexandria, Minnesota. As I zipped through the recipes, including the names of contributors, I noticed a few family members’ names, identified—as all women were in the publication—as Mrs. Husband’s First and Last Names. Times have changed. Thankfully. What also was interesting to note was that one of my late aunts, who was a talented artist, provided the illustrations. I can’t determine if they were done with pen or marker, but they are simple and charming. Photographs weren’t needed to bring the dishes to life. (Did you know that Andy Warhol illustrated Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Cookbook (1961)? I like to toss out that nugget when talking about cookbooks because guess who owns a copy? Yours truly. Wink.)

When it comes to food, let’s give it its due. Not only is it a vehicle of sustenance, but it also celebrates cultures, entertains, educates and connects generations. And, it even helps raise funds for local theater!
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–Renée Stewart-Hester

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