Cinema Ballroom Offers Dance Lessons for All Ages

Cinema Ballroom offers dance lessons for the whole family.
Cinema Ballroom CEO Eric Hudson and dance director Michelle Hudson work with students Greg and Sandi Gotz.

Whether you love hitting the dance floor or haven’t learned a new move since the macarena, Cinema Ballroom has dance classes to help you move like a pro (or at least with the confidence of one).

Cinema Ballroom offers private lessons and group classes for kids and adults of every skill level, all taught by professional dancers. “Some days we have three generations all dancing in the same place,” says president and CEO Eric Hudson.

Offerings include ballroom and Latin, salsa and tango lessons, with dance practice parties held throughout the month for students to practice their moves in a fun, social setting.

For couples planning their weddings, Cinema Ballroom’s instructors will help you craft a memorable first dance routine specifically choreographed to your special song. They even provide dance lessons for you and your wedding party so you’ll be sure to impress at the reception.

Hudson, who has received multiple national awards in partner dancing, believes that all dance—social or competitive, rumba or swing—is about having fun and discovering new things. “My motto is ‘You can’t teach well if you’re not learning,’ ” he says. 

Cinema Ballroom
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