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Quality items at an affordable price is how Jennifer Finlay, owner of The Bee Cottage, likes to describe her shop, which offers a mix of new and heirloom items.

It isn’t the money. It isn’t the status. It isn’t the vacation. But for four generations of the Kokesh and Kraemer families, owning and operating hardware and general stores has been the kin’s vocation.

After Alex Augustine and Emily Martin discovered brides were limited when it came to quality headpieces, they put their backgrounds in fashion and costuming, and founded Brides Head Revisited, a line of handcrafted veils and hair accessories.

Unlike other charity organizations that focus on one issue, The Caring Effect connects people to volunteer organizations by spotlighting a different issue affecting the community each month.

From the proposal to the I do’s, the bride and groom can have very different perspectives when it comes to planning for the big day.

It doesn’t take long to realize how fortunate we are to have warm meals to eat, cozy beds to sleep in and homes that provide shelter.

Hard-core sailors on Lake Minnetonka couldn’t wait until the warm summer breezes filled their sails. Instead, they took a cue from bundled New York yachtsmen on the Hudson River who built their ice boats beginning in the late 1790s to skate over the frozen ice.

Since opening in 1992, Natures Harvest has been family owned and operated. But a few changes did take place over the company’s 20 years in business, like the move to Wayzata Boulevard from Historic Lake Street.

Birds need more daily food intake to survive cold winter days, approximately 25 percent more than in warmer weather. Providing a well-stocked winter feeding station can help birds more easily survive harsh winter weather, and bring them in close enough for you to observe and enjoy.

While you may not know Tom Steinke, chances are you’ve seen his work. Those signs out front of Hazellewood, Sunsets, Lord Fletcher’s and Maynard’s are all original Steinke creations.