Red Rooster: Long Lake family hangout gets an update

Red Rooster: Long Lake family hangout gets an update

Red Rooster Bar and Restaurant in Long Lake has been a beloved family gathering place for over four decades, serving up classic American pub grub—from burgers and wings, to fries and rings. When local restauranteur Tim McCormick and his business partner Michael Simpson acquired the restaurant in April of this year, they were wary of making any major changes to this thriving institution.

Warm Comfort for Cold Days

Winter in Minnesota means cold weather. For winter sports enthusiasts, this is good news. For everyone else, it can be hard to find the motivation to get outside. Luckily, many Plymouth restaurants are ready to welcome you in from the cold. What better way to reward yourself after a long day of skiing or skating than with a nourishing bowl of warm chili? Even if you don’t enjoy the outdoors in the winter, these dishes are good enough to leave the house for, even if it just means running from your car to the restaurant’s front door.


The Food Dudes

Craving food from your favorite local restaurant, but don’t want to go get it? Enter Food Dudes Delivery, a fast and convenient service which will deliver to your home or office. The service began delivering to Plymouth residents this summer, partnering with restaurants such as Rock Elm Tavern, Bawarchi Indian, India Palace, Solos Pizza and many more. Check the Food Dudes website for the most recent listing of participating restaurants.

Food and Fun

For families with young children, dining out is often a way to escape the routines of everyday life, avoid the hassles of preparation and clean-up, and maybe teach little ones a few life skills, such as ordering for themselves and placing a napkin on their laps. If the meal goes smoothly, it might even feel like a mini vacation.

Free Indeed Food: Do-nut Touch

Most parents are well acquainted with the word no. But for parents of children with dietary allergies and restrictions, saying no can be a daily reminder of missing out on the fun, especially when it comes to fair and festival season.


Winning Wings

Since its opening in 2006, Ray J’s American Grill has brought a fun, family-friendly, sports bar atmosphere to Woodbury. Recently voted best wings in Minnesota by WCCO-TV, Ray J’s really knows how to sauce up the local wing scene. The chicken wings are fresh, jumbo and available in one-and-a-half- or three-pound orders. “We serve the whole wing and we make all of our sauces in-house,” says co-owner Mark Jacob.


What's Cookin in Eden Prairie?

Tammy Brooks loves cooking and collecting recipes, and she’s found a way to use those passions to give back to the community. For the past couple years, Brooks, who has lived in Eden Prairie for 33 years, has collected recipes from her friends, neighbors and family members, compiling them into three cookbooks. She’s used the proceeds from the sale of the What’s Cooking in Eden Prairie? cookbooks to help local organizations, including The Prop Shop, Eden Prairie Firefighters, Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools and others.

Sensuous Food for the Sultry Side of Summer

Summer is a time to enjoy the great outdoors—mow the lawn, splash in a lake, tend the garden. Summer also has a sultry side, one that is sensual and slow moving. It’s the song of summer, when the living is easy and the summer breeze makes you feel fine. It’s a late night under the stars, an extended lunch al fresco, cocktail hour with a glowing sunset, a star-kissed romantic date. Riotous colors, juicy flavors, dishes to share and beauty on the plate await you. Put a flower behind your ear and dig in.



Mozza Mia Pasta for Delivery

Mozza Mia, the popular Italian restaurant at 50th and France, has rolled out a new feature this year. If you’re holding a company party, working late at the office or just don’t feel like venturing into the late-winter chill, the eatery’s cherished pizza pie and mozzarella morsels can still be yours. Mozza Mia has teamed up with Bite Squad, the urban food delivery service, to bring its delicious food to Edina residents. 



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