44 North Boutique Brings Modern Styles to the Shores of Lake Minnetonka

44 North Boutique is among the newest shops that line Wayzata’s East Lake Street,

44 North Boutique is among the newest shops that line Wayzata’s East Lake Street, and it certainly makes for a welcome addition. Located in the Promenade, the lifestyle boutique—which also boasts its own beauty bar—has been open since last June. Business has been booming and continues to do so. With their first year now under their belts, owners Jodi Coughlin and Molly Kleiman look forward to seeing their store grow as they help women of all ages, body types and styles find clothes that will help them feel their best—and be an integral part of their wardrobes for many years.

Prior to opening 44 North, Kleiman owned and operated another high-end boutique in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Coughlin, who is new to the retail world, worked as an interior designer. The two met through a mutual friend shortly after Kleiman returned to Minnesota and Coughlin was seriously contemplating a career change, a sense of timing that felt fated in many ways. “Molly comes from a long history of retail, and we met at a time when I was looking to exit the interior design field,” Coughlin says. “Getting to know each other and working together has just been great.”

Though Wayzata boasts many women’s lifestyle and clothing stores, 44 North’s offerings are one-of-a-kind. “We’re a high-end boutique store,” Coughlin says. “The mid to low [ends] are already covered in this town, so we want to make sure that we separate ourselves as much as possible from these other great businesses.” She and Kleiman both pride themselves on the unique brands sourced by 44 North, nearly all of which are impossible to find anywhere else in the area.

It’s hard to categorize 44 North’s clothing as one particular style, which is intentional on the owners’ part. “We have so many different brands for all different body types and age groups,” Coughlin says. “If you’ll look around, you might see some preppy, some conservative, but for the most part, I’d say that we try to stay mostly modern. Our clothes are going to last a long time and be in your closet for a very long time—they’re great investment pieces.”

On top of clothing, 44 North carries a variety of skin care and beauty products through the Harbor Beauty Bar. “We’re not skin care experts, but we’re both passionate about skin care and all of the products we carry,” Coughlin says, noting one major goal for the coming year, which they have now completed, was to expand the beauty bar’s offerings through in-store events with professional makeup artists and skin care experts, as well as bridal parties and group makeovers.

Kleiman and Coughlin promise that no matter your age or style, you’ll be able to find an investment piece (maybe even a few!) that works for you. Both are eager to help—after all, they say one of the best parts of their job is getting to know their customers. And Finnegan, Kleiman’s friendly golden retriever who serves as 44 North’s shop dog, will be there to greet you at the door.