Art Across the River

Two Saint Paul artists featured in an upcoming exhibit at Instinct Art Gallery.

Saint Paul artists Nancy Robinson and Elizabeth Garvey are among several artists featured in an exhibition opening on July 18 at the Instinct Art Gallery in Minneapolis. The exhibit, curated by gallery director John Schuerman, is called “New Works by So and So.”

Robinson is known for painting narratives where she features herself as the protagonist in a variety of dream-like stories. For example in “The Secret Admirer,” shown here, Robinson as the artist finds “a perfect man” who turns out to be a banana.

Mixed media artist Garvey works with natural materials and found objects. With a background in book arts and textile arts, Garvey is also a sculptor and has based her current project on Selkies --mythological creatures that shape-shift. In the ocean, they are seals, and on land, they become humans. “House” is part of that series.

The exhibit runs through September 12.
Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday, noon to 5 p.m., and until 8 p.m. on Thursdays.
Instinct Art Gallery, 940 Nicollet Mall, Mpls.; 612.208.0696