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Voted best chiropractors by readers of Lake Minnetonka magazine in 2018, we are one of the most award-winning chiropractic and natural health care clinics in the nation. Schedule a visit today and we'll work together to restore your health and transform your life. 


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1421 Wayzeta Blvd E.
Suite 100
Wayzeta, MN 55391
United States


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Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7am - 6pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 7am - 8pm

Saturday: 8am - 1pm

Sunday: Closed


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30 Years of Care with Brost

The Brost Clinic celebrates its anniversary this month.

The Brost Clinic in Wayzata opened its doors 30 years ago this month. In fact, they’re hosting a party outside of the clinic in early summer, and encourage community members to join in the anniversary festivities.

But while parties are always fun, Barbro Brost, founder and CEO, hopes that her clinic stands out because of its exemplary natural health care services.

A native of Sweden, Brost models a different paradigm for health care practice. “Our philosophy is that if there is a natural solution that can handle a problem, why not try that first?” she says. “And most of the time it handles it.” Brost moved to the Twin Cities to study chiropractic medicine in 1975. After graduation, she moved back to Sweden, where she practiced for six years. When she realized there was a niche for her to fill in the Twin Cities, she brought her services to Wayzata. “Sweden has a very strong philosophy of natural health care,” Brost notes. “When I moved back [to Minnesota], I quickly realized that there weren’t any medical doctors providing natural health care.”

While Brost doesn’t write off traditional medications and surgery, she explains that on average “we see between 600 to 700 patients a week and we refer patients out to surgery about one to two times per year.”

Her vision is to offer natural health care for all conditions in one clinic. “That’s part of what sets us apart.”

A Reason to Boast for Brost

Dr. Barbro Brost receives the Human Rights Champion award.
Dr. Barbro Brost and her husband, Dr. Jay Greenberg

Dr. Barbro Brost, D.C., co-founder of the Brost Clinic in Wayzata, was one of 10 recipients of the Human Rights Champion award in February from the nonprofit Citizens Commission for Human Rights. She received the award for her philanthropic support of CCHR and for advocating for non-pharmaceutical care for mental health diagnoses like ADHD and depression. “I felt very excited to get the recognition for many years of dedication to drug-free health care,” Brost says. “It was so amazing to hear some of the stories of people, especially children, who get their life back again when over-dosed medication is removed from their lives.”