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Lake Minnetonka Magazine August 2022

There was a sign on a high school bulletin board, according to author E.C. McKenzie, which read: “Free every Monday through Friday: knowledge. Bring your own containers.”

In thinking back to our own high school days, how many of us A: brought a container and B: filled it? When it comes to current high schoolers, who could blame them for falling a bit short on those fronts given the world we have been living in?

Let’s look, for example, to this year’s high school seniors. Their freshman year took an unexpected left turn when COVID-19 appeared in earnest during second semester. Much to the surprise of most of us, mandates and distant/hybrid learning bled into their sophomore and junior years.

Academic, extracurricular and service opportunities were abbreviated, curtailed or canceled altogether. Social interactions and events, which are crucial to high schoolers’ social and emotional developments, were stunted in too many ways. Let’s not forget how some of the students, their families and friends were adversely affected medically, mentally and economically throughout the pandemic.

But, as we’ve learned, many seniors in this community found ways to succeed and prosper through their high school experiences. How do we know this? In this issue, our theme is Education, and it features our annual Senior Spotlight, which shines an appreciative light on some local high school seniors, who were nominated by their high schools for their commitment to being of service to their school or community.

After reviewing the nominations, our committee determined which students to profile in our pages. The decision was challenging—to say the least—because every nominee was impressive and deserving in his or her own ways.

I hope this year’s feature fills you with pride in our community and unbridled hope for what these students will bring to our futures. Join me in congratulating this year’s Senior Spotlights students.

Until next month,

–Renée Stewart-Hester

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