Strike a Pose

by | Dec 2023

Labradoodle Posing

Photo: Stachia Fey

Agreeable labradoodle strikes a winning pose.

This photo of Yeti, an Australian labradoodle, took first place in our photo contest’s Pets category. “Yeti was trying to rest, and I kept making him pose,” Stachia Fey says. “It was so funny because I would put him in different spots on my bed, and all he wanted to do was lay his head down to sleep. In the photo I submitted, he has sleepy eyes, yet he is still trying to entertain my requests to look at the camera. It really was so much fun taking the shots.”

Fey appreciates seeing the pads on Yeti’s paws against his light coat and the pop of color from the pillows and plants. She says, “I’ve been working extremely hard for many years on many projects to master depth of field while shooting in manual mode, so there is the perfect amount of bokeh for the shot.”

Photographer: Stachia Fey
Title: Yeti
Equipment: Nikon D5600 camera with a Tamron 70-200mm lens. Natural sunlight.
Location: Orono
Category: Pets
Award: First


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