Wayzata Herbalist Opens a Natural, Plant-based Shop on Lake Street

For Jodi Mckee, a local herbalist and wellness expert, living a more natural life and being a conscious consumer—by using products that are both environmentally friendly and free of synthetics and preservatives—is not only imperative for our health, but should be accessible for everyone.

Her shop Jewelweed, which opened in May, focuses on health and wellness, and offers products such as essential oils, tinctures, fresh plants and herbs, flower essences, crystals and books. The shop is named after the plant jewelweed, which Mckee used during her pregnancy with her third son to alleviate symptoms resulting from kidney problems.

Instead of sourcing her products from big-name companies, Mckee actively searched for smaller makers who are women and/or family-owned and organic farms.

“Really healthy, plain, clean ingredients is what I am going for, but presented in a really beautiful, usable way,” Mckee says.

In addition to the retail side, the shop also offers a learning community centered on holistic practice with organic products.

Mckee is hiring herbalists with experience in plant medicine to teach classes about making and using natural remedies and body products. She also plans to invite practitioners who will offer consultations about natural treatments for things like stomachaches and sores.

“Introducing this natural medicine is as easy as stepping out into your backyard and using some plants that you have grown yourself,” Mckee says.

Some of the profits will support environmental groups such as United Plant Savers, which fulfills Mckee’s ultimate goal of making the world more environmentally friendly by stimulating a community built around herbal medicine and organic plants.