Winter Ice Lake Minnetonka

by | Jan 2024

Winter Ice Lake Minnetonka

Photo: Cindy Perone

Winning image finds active beauty in stillness.

“The winters can be long in Minnesota, but they can also be beautiful,” Cindy Perone says. “I enjoy capturing images of water on the lake and the reflection of light off the ice made for the ideal abstract photo.”

“Even ice can be interesting,” the Shorewood resident says. “Contours, reflections of light and proportions contributed to this photo coming together.”

Abstract photography can be challenging. “As a dentist, I often find the most abstract cosmetic work can be turned beautiful by redirecting light and changing colors of porcelain,” Perone says. “In abstract photography, similar principles can be applied. Find something that inspires you, apply the right light and you will be surprised at what you can create.”

Life in and around water offers creative inspiration. “Definitely, Lake Minnetonka and the Gulf of Mexico are some of my favorites,” Perone says.

Photographer: Cindy Perone
Title: Winter Ice Lake Minnetonka
Equipment: Canon camera
Location: Lake Minnetonka (Excelsior)
Category: Abstract
Place: First


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