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by | Oct 2023

Lake Minnetonka Magazine October 2023 Issue

I always enjoy it when one of our issues focuses on homes, including this month. At first blush, one would think there is only one direction to go when it comes to identifying article themes for this issue. Much to my delight (and I hope yours, too), there are different trains of thought to follow when it comes to the topic. This month, we focus on a couple of ideas.

Aging in place: Now, here’s a subject that has grown in the conversation pool. While it’s always been a decision to make, where to call home during later stages of life is broadening as more people are considering remaining in their homes and making adjustments or purchasing dwellings that are equipped for physical situations that arise as we age. Elements to consider can take some extra thought, and Bjorn Freudenthal, vice president of business development for New Spaces, helps us clarify what needs to be considered.

One of our features profiles a home by Harrison Custom Builder, which reimagined a lakeside home for its new owners. I’m often inspired by what inspires builders, interior designers and homeowners. Nods to color stories, design notions, geographic locations, time periods and so much more can chart the course for a home’s direction. With Lake Minnetonka serving as an enviable backdrop, we feature a home on Casco Point that takes in all the lake views.

In the spirit of the month, walk through our Noteworthy section for a suspenseful read, a scary sip, a spirited sweet treat and more. Be sure to visit our Tastemakers for Minnetonka’s Kristi Wahlman’s easy-to-create recipe for “creepy cookies.”

Until next month,

-Renée Stewart-Hester


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