Excelsior Shop Owners Join Forces on a Kids’ Line

Excelsior’s Chloe and Dee Dee Lappen, co-owners of Gray Home + Lifestyle, and Erin Duininck, owner of The Golden Rule, are collaborating to launch Pip & Pal, a fair trade—and aesthetically pleasing—children’s line.

Both the Lappens and Duininck say there was a gap in the shopping scene for the types of baby and children’s products they wanted to see, so they decided to take the plunge.

“Gray has its own production, so we knew we wanted to do the same with Pip & Pal. It helps when you can only find these pieces at our store,” Chloe says.

The line includes clothes, accessories, shoes, artwork, toys and books. Each piece is made in small batches to ensure truly unique purchases.

Many of the items are unisex, including clothing made in gender-neutral colors and styles, so pieces can be easily shared and handed down among siblings or friends. They also focused on using natural and organic materials in clothing and toys. “We sourced some of our favorite fabrics and created some designs for production. This really opens a lot of doors for us,” Chloe says.

Items available online or in-store. Most items are in the $5–$75 range, excluding original art for nurseries.