100 Years of St. Bart’s

The Wayzata Catholic faith community is celebrating a century of history.

The 100th year of St. Bartholomew Catholic Faith Community’s history in Wayzata is drawing to a close. The story began in 1916, when 12 families in Wayzata came together to create the parish, and the first Mass was held on Christmas Day of that same year.
Jodene Marquis, a parishioner on the centennial planning committee, and her husband have been involved with St. Bartholomew’s for close to 20 years. “We have found it to be a vibrant faith community and an amazing place to practice our faith,” says Marquis.

St. Bartholomew has held numerous events in celebration of the centennial this year, including an anniversary dinner, a birthday party and the feast of St. Bartholomew. Over 100 years, many renovations and different priests, much has changed and much has stayed the same at St. Bartholomew. “Even though there have been three different priests since we joined the parish, their commitment to this congregation and to the community of Wayzata has stayed just as strong with all three,” says Marquis.