Adam’s Pest Control’s Mosquito Misting Service

Adam’s Pest Control rids your yard of summer’s pesky problem.

“Summer is short,” says Todd Leyse, president of Adam’s Pest Control, “so make the most of it.” In other words, don’t let mosquitos prevent you from enjoying the outdoors. Call in some backup in the form of the company’s mosquito misting service.

By installing a control box in your yard, Adam’s schedules a botanical-based insecticide to go off at night, eradicating mosquitos. Not every backyard will benefit from the misting service, but those who have the service praise its usefulness. One of Leyse’s customers southwest of the lake couldn’t enjoy his hot tub because of mosquitos. After Adam’s installed the system, Leyse says he received several emails from the customer expressing his gratitude.


Misting service averages $3,500–$4,000. Call 763.478.9810 or visit for more information or to schedule a free survey and proposal.