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In the summer, body hair removal becomes an increasingly pesky problem. The traditional methods of repeated shaving and waxing can cause infections, such as pseudofolliculitis barbae, a hair follicle infection common in men.

After a long, snowy winter, we’re ready to spend time on the lakes. We asked Scott Karo, owner of Anytime Fitness clubs in Excelsior and Chaska, for tips on getting ready for bikini weather. Here are his top two:

What better place to shake off the rain of spring and jump into summer than around Lake Minnetonka? Make the most of the area’s offerings this summer, whether you’re a longtime resident or lake-area newcomer.

Shelley Lidstone, left, and daughter Jennifer Bruns bring gourmet oils, salts and soaps to the lake area.

Inspired by a visit to an olive oil store in Wisconsin, Shelley Lidstone and her daughter Jennifer Bruns drafted a business plan.

Whether you’re planning a garden or just planning to shop your local farmers’ market, Deborah Madison’s beautiful new Vegetable Literacy will soon be your favorite reference book.

As we round the bend into spring (maybe? hopefully?), I’m ready for a little something new. The doldrums of winter have loosened their icy grasp and I’m on the verge of catching spring fever. 

Need a little extra space? A place to call your own? A spot other than the dining room table to work on that novel? A raft house for overnights on the lake?
A selection of apparel from Meridian Boutique.
Don’t let the winter blues get you down. Warm weather isn’t too far away, and with flowers and rain showers come spring fashion.