Around Town

As the weather heats up, going for a swim starts to look very appealing.

Article courtesy of Catherine L. Johnson, Guest Contributor

We all know that preparing for a vacation can be stressful: making sure your packages are picked up, packing, preparing for flights, and perhaps most time-consuming of all, finding a caretaker for your pet.

The story of Wayzata’s Frost & Budd is one of success. The shop first opened in 1983, and although that store closed in 2003, the original owner’s niece reopened it in 2008.

Planting responsibly can be a little tricky—and when your backyard is a shoreline, it can seem nearly impossible. How can you make a garden that you’ll enjoy, preserve your view, keep annoying geese from trampling your property and have a positive ecological impact?

Four years ago, the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District took a close look at the Long Lake corridor, an area that follows Long Lake Creek from Long Lake to Tanager Lake.

A Tropical Tour

Memorial Day weekend kicks off a very special Minnesotan tradition: bootleg season! Minnesota’s version of a mint julep or mojito, the bootleg recipe varies from place to place, as does the origin of the drink.

Nothing makes you want to get outside quite like the arrival of spring—and, as always, Minnetonka kids know how to celebrate.