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Love from Down Under
Ben, Jim and Matt Stahlke from Mound paused during their tour of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to snap a photo with their hometown magazine.

What’s summer without the occasional rev of an engine? For those who enjoy a bit of adrenaline on summer afternoons, Lake Minnetonka has a new store for all your motorsport needs. From four-wheelers to Jetskis, St.

As the weather heats up, going for a swim starts to look very appealing.

Article courtesy of Catherine L. Johnson, Guest Contributor

We all know that preparing for a vacation can be stressful: making sure your packages are picked up, packing, preparing for flights, and perhaps most time-consuming of all, finding a caretaker for your pet.

The story of Wayzata’s Frost & Budd is one of success. The shop first opened in 1983, and although that store closed in 2003, the original owner’s niece reopened it in 2008.

Planting responsibly can be a little tricky—and when your backyard is a shoreline, it can seem nearly impossible. How can you make a garden that you’ll enjoy, preserve your view, keep annoying geese from trampling your property and have a positive ecological impact?

Four years ago, the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District took a close look at the Long Lake corridor, an area that follows Long Lake Creek from Long Lake to Tanager Lake.