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Chad McShane, The eFoil

Lake Minnetonka provides year-around opportunities for great photos, and Chad McShane shared his perspective with The eFoil, which earned firs

On New Year’s Day, chilly and brave divers hopped into the frigid waters of Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior for ALARC’s 30th annual ice dive, which supports the Wounded Warrior Project and a couple of local organizations. 

The aftermath of a spring blizzard on a dock on Lake Minnetonka.

Even in late spring, a blizzard can be beautiful.

Frank Meuschke

At Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve, Frank Meuschke combines science with art.

A dog bed built into the underside of kitchen cabinets.

Boyer Building creates a home for a family, focused on ease and comfort for their three small dogs.

Teens dance at the Wayzata Cotillion

In 1994, JDW Cotillions founded the Wayzata Cotillion program. Next month, they’ll celebrate 26 years of involvement in the community.

An under-the-stair playhouse.

Elevate kids’ spaces with these expert tips and tricks.

Jessica Kuennen's book of poetry, "If I Ever Loved You, I'll Always Love You"

"If I Ever Loved You, I’ll Always Love You" allowed Jessica Kuennen to reflect upon her life, including growth, love and loss.

A person sits at a table reading Lovely War.

Lovely War is an inventive and engaging read for young adults and adults alike.

In October, Tonkadale Greenhouse hosted its popular houseplant runway show, where visitors could “find the right plants for the right places, showcased down o

Two Swans in the water during winter at Gray's Bay.

Each month, we feature one of the winning photos from our 2019 Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest.