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Interior designer Gayle Crummer knew the home had potential. Located in Orono, it had wonderful space, a charming villa exterior and elegant 11-foot ceilings. But the house was also limiting for the family of four who had just purchased it.

In some ways, Orono’s Matt Liebsch is just like many other young adults his age—energetic, overscheduled, and trying to balance a hectic work schedule with the thrills of an 8-year marriage and the spills of fathering two busy toddlers.  But when you throw in the tiny detail tha

The man cave. For many women, the term conjures up images of a dark basement hole-in-the-wall filled with cigar smoke, old sports trophies, bad movies, and a college buddy or two.

Andrew Johnson moved to the lake area last year and while getting accustomed to his new surroundings, began to enjoy the creek that runs behind his Orono home.


Beth Novak loves metal—particularly copper and sterling silver. From necklaces and earrings to rings, Novak manipulates and ultimately marries these two elements in unique and creative ways.

The Country Cupboard Cake + Café is always humming with activity, but none more so than when there are wedding cakes to be made.

Though Lake Minnetonka is known for its beautiful homes, some owners can think of a certain space that needs a just little more vitality. Or a little more moxie. Or a little more something.

Love them or hate them, cats are known for sassy behavior and pestering their owners for attention. The pestering is what inspired self-described cat lover and local author Kevin R.

Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music

Feb. 7–25
Presented by Minnetonka High School, this romantic comedy centers around Eve, the aunt of novice nun Catherine who comes for a visit after being kicked out of the convent.