Books: Dog Medicine

How a golden retriever brought her owner out of the darkness.

At 22 years old, Julie Barton had recently graduated from school and was struggling with severe depression. She was at a loss where to turn next. In the throes of darkness, she decided to adopt a golden retriever, and this decision had a profound effect on her well-being. After Barton brought Bunker, her adorable dog, into her life, everything seemed to get better. It was as though caring for that lovable drool machine allowed her to see that caring and lavishing love for another was what brought her into the light. Dog Medicine (Think Piece Publishing, $14.95, 234 pages) is a story about resiliency, friendship and the bond between a woman and her beloved dog.

—Matt Keliher, manager at SubText Books, 6 W. Fifth St.; 651.493.2791.