Boutique Hotel in the Works for Excelsior

Hopefuls say Excelsior hotel will reinvigorate quaint lakeside town.

Like other small towns in Minnesota, Excelsior has built its image as a quaint throwback to the past. But that image is about to change. Development on a four-story boutique hotel at the end of Water Street will begin soon.

As the only hotel on Lake Minnetonka, supporters say the hotel will reinvigorate the town by bringing in tourism and another source of revenue. At more than 50 feet tall, the hotel will exceed the city’s 35-foot height rule, which some worry will change the character of the small-town main street.

The 34,000-square-foot hotel is set to go up on a 1-acre lot that’s been vacant for the past three years. James Family Properties, the developer, and Weber Architects & Planners are tackling this $12 million dollar project together.