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3rd Annual DRINK PINK

Rosé done well is terribly tasty. Fresh, tart strawberries, exotic, a little bit of rhubarb, honeydew melon and citrus fruits, stoney minerality that manages to massage your tongue into piercing minerality. Classic examples like the ones from Tavel in France which only produces Rosés from a vibrant salmon to pink rose petals coming in Sangiovese and Pinot Noir. Basically this is made from pressed juice with a light touch on the skins, we’re talking like five to eight hours max. You wanna pair some food with Rosé? Start with fruit, salads, olives, hummus, ceviche and anchovies for apps.

Arctic Fever Winter Festival

Enjoy a good Minnesota winter by getting active in Shorewood, Tonka Bay and Excelsior! Most events are free, and all ages will love to participate! Dog sled rides, horse drawn sleigh rides, snow sculptures, pizza party, Fat Tire bike race, human bowling on ice, and SO much more! Introducing winter yoga in 2017. Don't miss a thing! 

Birchwood Cafe's Poppin' Party!

Birchwood Cafe is celebrating its 21st Birthday this year, and we'd grin from ear to ear if you'd come celebrate with us!

We'll be roasting corn on the cob, popping popcorn, and passing out cupcakes all night! Plus there will be $2 kids root beer floats and $3 taps.

The party will be POPPIN’ on Saturday, September 17 from 4-8 pm. Bring your family and friends! Find more event details on the website or Facebook!

Oak Ridge - Beefsteak Dinner

Oak Ridge Hotel revives the age old tradition
of the Beefsteak. Originating in the late 19th
century, Beefsteaks were a celebration of the
working class. Gathering in rustic dining halls,
patrons would tell stories, eat steak and drink ale.
Attendees wore butcher aprons and used the skirt
of the apron to wipe grease off their hands and
face. Neither silverware nor napkins were allowed.

Easter Brunch at BayView Event Center

Enjoy a fantastic brunch buffet while overlooking beautiful Lake Minneonka this Easter Sunday!

Call (952)-470-VIEW (8439) for reservations

Pricing (does not include tax):

$26.95 – Adults (includes FREE Mimosa)

$23.95 - Seniors 55 & over (includes FREE Mimosa)

Noire Valentine's

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and the pressure builds daily to buy, buy, buy: the chocolates, the non-existent perfectly worded card, flowers, and perhaps the diamond ring. But for the rest of the population, the day represents another year flying solo with limited prospects and constant reminders everywhere that most people are happier than you. Let's face it: no matter what side of the fence you're on, Valentine's Day sucks.


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