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There’s a lot going on in the brain—the way it works, how it is influenced and makes connections are topics both neuroscience and philosophy are steeped in. Art and creativity are often thought of as a realm beyond these subjects, but all are, in fact, inherently linked. In this lecture, Nicola Demonte will explore the interplay between neuroscience, art history and philosophy through paintings by de Kooning, Pollock, Mondrian and Warhol, and photography from Charcot. Creative efforts as a counter to disabilities and neurological disorders will also be discussed. Pre-register online. Ages 16 and up. $40 for members and $44 for non-members. 6–9 p.m. Minnetonka Center for the Arts, 2240 North Shore Drive, Wayzata; 952.473.7361;

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Tuesday, February 3