Excelsior Fire District's Open House is the Year's Hottest Event

Firefighters spray a controlled burn at the Excelsior Fire District Open House.
Visit the Excelsior Fire Station for family activities and a live burn.

This month marks the return of the Excelsior Fire District’s annual open house and safety fair. Kids (and grownups) can visit the fire station for exhibits, games, a free dinner—including hot dogs, treats and more—and (the grand finale) a live burn at 7:45 p.m. The theme of this year’s burn is “close before you doze.” Fire marshal Kellie Murphy-Ringate explains, “The [live burn] demonstration is where open house guests…will see how a closed door stops the fire from growing, keeps the room temperature down…and ultimately keeps toxic and poisonous smoke away from” a home’s residents. Guests at the open house can take the “close before you doze” pledge.

October 3, 5:30–8 P.M
Fire Station No. 1
24100 Smithtown Road, Shorewood