Finding a Collection of New Perfumes Is Simple in Wayzata

Diane Wissink, owner of Wayzata’s La Petite Parfumerie, works with customers one-on-one to help them find fragrances that fit their tastes. Her expertise is impressive; she’ll ask you about some of the perfumes you’ve worn in the past, and can then suggest new ones in just a few minutes.

Instead of focusing on finding one signature scent, Wissink encourages clients to assemble a collection of fragrances. “If you wear the same scent for a few months, you can’t smell it anymore as your brain memorizes it,” she explains. “It’s much more fun to pull from your wardrobe for whatever you are in the mood for. There are seasons, times of day and occasions to consider.”

Looking for a fresh (smelling) start?
Some current bestsellers at La Petite Parfumerie:
Portrait of a Lady (Frederic Malle)
Champaca (Ormonde Jayne)
A la Rose (Maison Francis Kurkdjian)