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plated square apple pie

Pie–she’s often the underappreciated sister in the dessert family. Cake gets all the glory—candlelit entrances at birthdays and tiered seating at weddings, and all eyes are on her first slice at a host of gender reveal parties.

Kamut, quinoa, teff, spelt, freekeh, farro, amaranth and millet. Sound like a list of exotic destinations? Not quite. In fact, they’re names of whole or alternative grains, and you can experience them right here in our lake-area neighborhoods.

Looking to quench the thirst of your favorite scotch connoisseur? It’s easy to give one you know he likes, but a limited edition of his favorite or a bottle with a fascinating back story really clinches your spot in his heart.

If you’re looking for ways to warm up this winter season, we have two:

Minnetonka natives Chad Mayes, Jason Landstrom and Ryan Johnson love beer. They also love our lakes.

Hesitant about eating out alone? Get over it—I have. Of course, my job necessitates frequent solo dining, but I’ve come to love it. What’s more, I often prefer it. Obviously, dining out by yourself is very different from dining as a couple or in a group.

We asked local wine experts for the best pairings of the season and they responded with these suggestions to add an extra bit of savor to the palate of your party.

Trent Taher’s long fingers move quickly on his iPad screen as he scrolls through photos, his smile growing wider and his voice more animated as he reminisces. “Nobody really likes this, but it’s one of my favorite photos,” Taher says, grinning.

Of course you want your kids to eat well, but you also want them to taste a variety of flavors and experience the simple pleasure of enjoying meal.

It’s polite to say it’s agonizing to choose the best of the year. I ate so many amazing things in our area these last 11 months, but the chance to re-experience my favorites was pure, unadulterated joy.