Food & Drink

Sweet-tooth and health fanatics can have their cake and eat it too, thanks to a new baker who proves that organic treats don’t need to sacrifice amazing taste.

McCormick’s Pub & Restaurant has always been a cozy spot to grab a beer and great fare with friends, but recent renovations have only increased its appeal.

Soup is a transformative food. It has the power to heal, comfort and fortify—in short, it’s the ideal winter nourishment.

As Minnesotans, there are landscapes we become accustomed to seeing. Wise old trees reflected in glassy lakes are as familiar to us as our own reflections in the mirror. It’s easy to lose sight of how majestic our sights really are.

Fine dining isn’t what it used to be, and thank heavens for that. It’s shed its uptight reputation and rigid rules in favor of something lighter and more fun. New upscale eateries are swanky instead of snobby, elegant rather than stuffy.

With the sparkle and excitement of the holidays behind us, it’s time to buckle down and stick to those New Year’s resolutions.

Whether it’s a hot drink warming the hands, or a cocktail warming the soul, we appreciate delicious beverages in January.

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