Give the Gift of High-end Scotch

Gina Holman makes gifting easy with high-end scotch picks.

Looking to quench the thirst of your favorite scotch connoisseur? It’s easy to give one you know he likes, but a limited edition of his favorite or a bottle with a fascinating back story really clinches your spot in his heart. Gina Holman from Wayzata Wine & Spirits gives us her top three picks for high-end, giftable scotch.



This 16-year-old scotch hails from a distillery that dates back to 1816. It’s as old as love itself and spices things up with powerful aromas of peat, smoke and sea air followed by a long spicy finish. $71.99. 



Take a journey to Scotland with this 16-year-old selection. Flavors of buttery toffee, toasted hazelnuts and a hint of cocoa take hold on the Isle of Mull. This rich and elegant scotch is especially rewarding after a cold romp in the snow with your sweetheart. $116.99.



This 18-year-old single malt is a gem from Speyside, made from MacAllan’s own barley. Let your man relish in aromas of smoke, burnt oranges, anise and tobacco. The complex palate and flavors of caramel and fudge are a smooth way to his heart. $167.99.


These delightful spirits are available at Wayzata Wine & Spirits, 747 Mill St., Wayzata; 952.473.7191;

 [jra1]so love is only 197 years old?