The Glow Lounge and Bella on the Bay Share Tips for Staying Happy and Healthy This Winter

Our local experts recommend their favorite product lines for your winter skin and hair care routine: Gingerly (The Glow Lounge); Éminence Organic Skin Care; Oribe Hair Care; and Jindilli (Bella on the Bay).

Winters in Minnesota can be tough. The short days and cold weather often leave us feeling wan and sluggish, even if you enjoy outdoor winter activities. Winter doesn’t only affect your mood—the cold, dry air is rough on hair and skin. But chin up: When the sun is in short supply, there are things you can do to lift your spirits and feel like you’ve had a warm getaway, even if you’re staying right here on the shores of Lake Minnetonka.

“There’s something about having even a subtle glow that lifts your spirits,” says The Glow Lounge owner Mollie Michura. “Have you ever looked in the mirror in the middle of winter and thought, ‘I look under the weather?’ Having the appearance of sun-kissed skin looks healthy and gives you confidence to feel good in your skin.”

The Glow Lounge provides heat-infused custom spray tanning. Michura encourages clients to go with a natural-looking, believable amount of color (no fake orange here).  “The tanning formulas we use are custom-blended for each client at every visit,” Michura says. “We use a heat-infused application, so the process is quick and comfortable. This is not a generic, one-size-fits-all spray tan service.”

And best of all, spray tans are sun-free, so clients don’t need to worry about damaging skin cells or premature aging and skin cancer, which are major risks from exposure to the sun and traditional tanning beds. Michura says, “What I like about spray tanning is that I can have just the right amount of color to boost my confidence without having to compromise my skin’s health.”

Looking for other ways to take care of yourself in the winter? For Michura, that starts with skin care. “I drink a lot of water, eat mostly clean, and use organic skin care products on both face and body,” Michura says. “In the cold and dry winter months, our skin gets beat up. I swap out my summertime moisturizers for more potent face oils and serums.”

Kim Richard, manager of Bella on the Bay salon and spa in Excelsior, agrees that using heavier moisturizers in the winter months is key to maintaining healthy skin. “What works for you in the summer isn’t what works for you in the winter. We definitely get an interest in facial services [during the winter] because people notice how dry their skin is,” Richard says. “We offer deeper exfoliation, so when you put on skin care products, you’re not just putting them on dead skin cells.”

Richard recommends using gentle exfoliating ingredients such as lactic acid to keep skin cells turning over. Serums containing hyaluronic acid will boost skin hydration levels for visibly smoother and plumper skin, too. And exfoliation isn’t just for the face. Using a sugar or salt scrub on your entire body before applying a body butter or other heavy moisturizer will also help prevent dry, itchy skin, Richard says. Richard recommends using products containing linoleic acid, which will lock in your skin’s moisture.

Dry winter air also affects hair, especially if you regularly color it. Using a hair mask or oil can make a huge difference in combatting brittle hair. Richard also recommends professional in-salon treatments, which can be part of a regular haircut and color.
Even if you can’t escape to a warm, tropical climate this winter, take a few self-care steps at home and imagine you’re on the beach. We’re feeling better already.