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Young boy walking a dog in winter.

Some dog jackets parallel the best haute couture has to offer. Are they being worn for fashion or function?

The unofficial season opener for cycling, the Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride (MIBR), is just days away.

Dave Stearns is like the uncle you wish you saw more often. He’s warm, inviting and full of stories. As the Minnetonka High School girls’ tennis coach, his favorite tales revolve around the young women he’s mentored through his years on the court.

When a loved one begins to show signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it can feel like a very foreign world. English Rose Suites is helping families navigate this territory.

Whether you’re planning a garden or just planning to shop your local farmers’ market, Deborah Madison’s beautiful new Vegetable Literacy will soon be your favorite reference book.

Johnny Range is on a mission to make sure Lake Minnetonka is stocked with walleye. Range heads the Westonka Walleye Program to counteract the dwindling walleye population by purchasing fish from farms and placing them in the lake.

As we round the bend into spring (maybe? hopefully?), I’m ready for a little something new. The doldrums of winter have loosened their icy grasp and I’m on the verge of catching spring fever. 

Need a little extra space? A place to call your own? A spot other than the dining room table to work on that novel? A raft house for overnights on the lake?