Health & Wellness

Boaters and sailors alike flock to Lake Minnetonka in droves each summer to enjoy life on the water, yet no one understands this better than the Minnetonka Power Squadron (MPS).

As the old saying goes, “A boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money.” So what does that make the person in the boat? Who cares! It is our birthright as Minnesotans to enjoy our lakes. And what better way to appreciate our aquatic splendor than by boat?


They say that the best motivation comes from within, but a little bit of sibling rivalry never hurt either. In fact, it was this combination of driving forces that pushed Pete Bluth, a lake area resident, to attempt a unique goal: a cruise across Lake Minnetonka—in a rowboat.   

As many runners, golfers and children can attest, there's something different about playing outside. And for others with health ailments, being in nature benefits their well-being, as noted through studies on horticulture therapy.

The10 Sports Dome: Where you can find 26,000 square feet of sports turf to play everything from baseball and football to lacrosse and soccer all year round.

Whether you’re looking for strength conditioning yoga classes or acupuncture health services, Spirit of the Lake Yoga & Wellness Center has got you covered.

Enercise Gym, the lake area’s first gym for kids, is dedicated to creating an empowering environment for others to learn about health. To engage everyone in the discussion, this past winter Enercise crafted some healthy competition.

Want to shake up your fitness regimen? Look no further than your favorite athletic clothier, Maha Inspired Activewear in Wayzata.

It’s April and Minnesotans are ready to get outdoors. After five months of snow blowers, icy roads and winter storm warnings, we can almost taste burgers off the grill and hear the whir of boat motors on Lake Minnetonka.

Deb Revier’s back yard always has been centered around the idea of contrast. When she first moved into her home nearly 20 years ago, however, contrast wasn’t necessarily a good thing.