How to Find Your Light Bulb Idea

A lightbulb on a white background.
Tackle the first big hurdle to start your business.

Some businesses begin with a moment of creative inspiration, while others are crafted over time with a pragmatic approach. If you’re still searching for your idea, here are some ways to find it.

  • Start with why. Focus on what you’re looking for, what success would look like and the time, money and resources you’re willing to put into it. Use this as a guide throughout the process to make sure you’re on track.
  • Focus on what you enjoy. Choose an industry you have a strong interest in and hopefully some experience in. If not, seek out ways to gain experience and knowledge.
  • Play to your strengths. Make a list of your personal and professional strengths. Then consider your weaknesses and things you dislike doing. The goal is to capitalize on strengths and account for weaknesses.
  • See what’s working. Research the industry to see who the big players are, areas of growth and new trends. Sign up for Google alerts for topics that interest you. Attend local events. Take lots of notes.
  • Make a top five. Brainstorm five ideas that you can research further, think through and evaluate. I enjoy the single page business model or value proposition canvas to think through ideas. If one doesn’t stand out, do more research to determine the idea you’ll focus on first. You’ll learn from each idea until you find one that keeps you up at night. That’s when the fun begins!

Jess Schaack has a business degree from City University London and worked for iconic brands before living out her startup dreams as founder/CEO of Relamp Printed Light Bulbs. She grew up on Casco Point and is a proud graduate of Mound Westonka High School.