InVision Offers Eyewear for Everyone

InVision gives you the frames you want, chosen by the experts.
Writer Eric D. Johnson shows off his new glasses from InVision.

People who wear glasses know how daunting picking out new frames can be. There are endless places to buy glasses, but how do you choose where to go for such an important purchase? Most people wear their glasses every day, after all.

At InVision in Minnetonka, owner Anthony Bosca and his team make the process fun, informative and stylish.

“The biggest mistake people make is looking by themselves,” Bosca says. “People shouldn’t reject something before trying it on, because you never know how it will look on your face.”

The goal is to guide customers to their own decisions. People often walk through the door with a general idea of what they want. If not, the stylists go to work grabbing frames of all shapes and sizes until one piques a customer’s interest—since, after all, they are the ones who will be wearing the frames.

“When people enjoy trying frames on, it is a pleasure,” Bosca says.

I, along with two other lake-area residents, had the opportunity to get a glasses makeover from Bosca and company. The results speak for themselves.  

Name: Jill Krantz
Occupation: Events and community relations at Lakewinds Natural Foods
Years wearing glasses: 44

Jill Krantz has been wearing glasses nearly her entire life, so it’s no wonder her frames are one of her most important wardrobe items.

“It’s not just an accessory. It’s part of who I am,” Krantz says.

Although Krantz has known for a while it was time for a new set of frames, the busy single mom of 6 hadn’t found the time to shop for a new pair. She jumped at the opportunity to get a makeover at InVision. Krantz has tried a variety of eyewear in her life, including a stint with contact lenses, but her new frames fit her unlike any others. And it didn’t take long to find the right ones.

“There were so many options, but I chose the very first ones [Bosca] picked,” Krantz says. “I probably tried on 20 pairs, but I went with the very first ones he chose.”

Name: Dawn Dacut
Occupation: Director of events and wedding specialist at Bon Appétit at Carlson Center
Years wearing glasses: 8

Searching for the perfect place to buy glasses is difficult; Dawn Dacut has been on the hunt for years and has recently been in the market for new frames. She wanted someone who could help find the right glasses for her. She was thrilled with the frames Bosca and his team helped her choose because the look was out of the ordinary—especially for her.

“If I saw somebody wearing these glasses, I would look at them twice because they aren’t what you would expect,” Dacut says.

Name: Eric Johnson
Occupation: Writer
Years wearing glasses: 17

I’ve had the same glasses for a couple of years now, and have been generally happy with my look. The most common celebrity lookalike shout-out I get is Clark Kent, and—I have to tell you—being Superman’s alter ego ain’t half-bad.

A bold overhaul isn’t what I was going for, but I have also never had an expert help me out.

After trying on a dozen or so pairs, I ended up with a slight upgrade on my current look. I’m a simple man, and definitely pleased with the results.

InVision, 11300 Wayzata Blvd., Minnetonka; 952.591.9567.